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The traditionalist Felipe Kast, a lawmaker from Chile, would have been seen riding in a car with a trans woman. Due to a video that is going viral on social media, the politician is currently the subject of criticism.

The most discussed subject on social media in the previous few hours was a video that supposedly shows Senator Felipe Kast riding in a car with a scorpion. Watch the entire video👇👇👇

After being posted late on Thursday, November 10, by the Instagram account @copuchas tv, the video quickly gained popularity on social media and sparked debate among Chileans who thought Kast was a family man and would never engage in such nocturnal behaviour.

Felipe Kast’s Twitter video

The companion can be seen attempting to capture Kast’s face in the images, and when he realises what she was attempting, he tries to seize the phone to divert his attention from it. Social networks were able to confirm that the politician was in the short video.

video from Felipe Kast’s Twitter

Some of the comments from people who had already seen the contentious video appeared on Twitter. “The thing about Felipe Kast only validates that the more Christian & conservative it is, the more liar it is,” wrote @ledanicgarcia. “The problem is not the romantic life or the interests of Felipe Kast, the problem is a double discourse of his segment: his homophobia and transphobia.”

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