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After being arrested, Donovan Winter reportedly remains in jail and is unable to enrol at MSU. According to Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel, defensive end prospect Donovan Winter was detained on Monday evening and charged with burglary and theft of a handgun.

Video of Donovan’s winter football

On Wednesday, Winter was supposed to sign with Michigan State, but he was still being held on a $2,000 bail. According to Hays, he was also waiting to have a GPS device attached to him before being let go.

According to Hays, Winter used to enrol at Bishop Moore Academy in Orlando, Florida, but she is no longer a student there. Donovan Winter, a football recruit to Michigan State, was slated to sign a letter of intent on Wednesday.

National Signing Day, who was detained on suspicion of armed burglary and firearm theft on Monday evening, is still being held in a jail in Seminole County, Florida.

According to jail documents that the Sentinel was able to obtain, Winter, a three-star defensive lineman recruit from Orlando’s Bishop Moore Catholic, was being imprisoned Thursday on a $2,000 bond and was awaiting the implantation of a GPS device before being released.

Video of Winter Donovan

The weapon was described as a wood-stocked,.22-caliber rifle with an unidentified serial number.

When officers went looking for Winter, they also discovered the weapon that Kenneth Thurmond claimed to be his. After being detained, Winter was taken to the Florida County Jail. Watch the entire video👇🔞⛔👇

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