Who Really is Marianne Myers? Ray McNeil, Sally McNeil’s Husband, Had An Affair

Sally the Killer, a Netflix original series, follows Sally MacNeil’s life, in addition to her connections with Ray MacNeil & Marianne Myers, to who she had an inappropriate relationship.Killer Sally is Netflix’s recent true crime documentary series, focusing on veteran powerlifter Sally McNeil or how she murdered her partner Ray McNeil.

Who Is Marianne Myers?

Ray McNeil, Sally McNeil’s Husband, Had An Affair.On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Netflix launched Killer Sally like a three-episode series.A tragic taleSally & Ray McNeil were bodybuilders who met whilst also providing as Marine Corps officers in 1987. Following their marriage, both enjoyed fame in their bodybuilding careers.

Ray McNeil, on the other hand, was supposedly very violent next to her and her three kids from her prior marriage, as per numerous reports.

Sally McNeil finally had enough of the harassment and murdered and shot Ray on Valentine’s Day in 1995. Following that, the court convicted him of murder conviction and punished him to 19 years behind bars.Aside from Ray and Sally, one more woman named Marianne Myers appears in this short film.

Marian was Ray McNeill’s mistress and partner, to someone he had an affair while wedded to Sally McNeill.In the short film, the ex-girlfriend narrates her occurrences using old footage. Ray McNeill purportedly didn’t really love his wife Sally and also had affairs with her.Ray and Myers first met three years before Sally’s murder at a local gym.

The couple started dating soon afterwards and gradually established a solid romantic relationship.Following McNeil’s murder, Myers told authorities:”You know, we truly have this kind of true love. It’s the kind of thing that inspires poetry or films.

Was Sally McNeill acquainted with Ray & Marian?

Sally was evidently more cognizant of Ray and Marian’s affair than Ray was. Staring at her husband’s phone bill, Sally McNeil discovered his affair.Sally reportedly called Myers and attacked her if she returned to her husband:”If you come back here, I’ll kick your a**.”Despite being warned, the film showed McNeil and Myers continuing their affair, even on the day of her murder, Valentine’s Day.

According to the documentary, McNeil was already contemplating divorce.Myers organisation effectively with the officers and their inquiry following McNeil’s murder. He released any evidence that could aid in the investigation.When authorities questioned him about McNeil’s relationship with his wife, Myers claimed that “she (Sally) will indeed drag out all of the old pessimism between the pair and merely pass it at him…”

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