Who Is the World’s Biggest Lips Instagram Model Andrea Ivanova?

Andrea Ivanova, a model for Instagram who resides in Bulgaria and is well-known throughout the world for having the largest lips, is once more the talk of the town. Ivanova is in the news after she disclosed that she wants to have work done on her chin rather than her lips for her face.

For those of you who don’t know Andrea Ivanova, let us introduce you to the Bulgarian woman who is regarded as having the widest lips in the entire world.

The 25-year-old first shared her body modification journey on Instagram in 2018. The native of Bulgaria admitted that she initially had chin and jaw fillers only to commemorate her birthday.The social media influencer continued by saying that after holding the record for having the largest lips in the world, she now desired to hold the distinction of having the “most elongated and pointed chin in the world.”

I love my lip and I want that new record, Andrea continued. The youngster had to receive $285 worth of hyaluronan injections every two weeks in order to fulfil her desire of holding the championship.

We would want to caution you not to follow her example, as physicians have advised her that doing so puts her life in jeopardy. She had received a warning from the doctors that if she proceeded with the subsequent injection, she might endanger her life.

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