Who is Lotta Volkova, the chief stylist at Balenciaga, and how much money does she make?

In a contentious advertising campaign, the French luxury label Balenciaga featured young people carrying teddy bears in harnesses modelled after BDSM. People are curious about Lotta Volkova, their main stylist, and wonder why the company chose to work with her in the first place. They want to know her age, husband, and net worth.

According to photographer Gabriele Galimberti, he had no creative input into the project. The plush animals, however, were seen with fishnet tops, locks on their collars, and studded harnesses.

Balenciaga issued an apology for the distressing image used in their divisive campaign and expressed their regret on their Instagram story for any hurt feelings caused by the holiday marketing. It was inappropriate to portray the children in this advertisement holding our stuffed bear backpacks. We immediately removed the campaign from all channels.

However, people were more curious about finding out more information on the person who gave their consent for this photo shoot. Social media users have uncovered Volkova’s history. There are allegations that she performed terrible things and uploaded frightening photographs on Instagram.

She allegedly had a relationship with a paedophile, according to an unverified assertion. Additionally, disturbing images she shared on Instagram, which have since been taken down, include a woman praying to the devil.

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