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At an abortion demonstration, Jeann Lugo, an off-duty police officer, is accused of hitting his opponent for the state Senate of Rhode Island. On June 25, 2022, Jennifer Rourke, Lugo’s opponent, posted the video to Twitter. Following Jennifer Rourke’s tweets, protests spread around the nation at the time of the incident. The Roe v. Wade ruling that was overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Update: According to, Lugo has been charged with simple assault and disorderly behaviour. “Father, builder, & currently serving as a Providence Police Officer,” is how Lugo introduces himself on Twitter.

I am running for the State Senate and organising for reproductive rights. After I finished speaking at our Roe rally last night, my Republican rival, a police officer, attacked me brutally.

Full video of Jennifer Rourke

The Providence Journal reported that hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Rhode Island State Capitol in opposition to the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Chaos broke out at the rally, according to the newspaper, which stated that “apparent counterprotesters invaded the area throughout the evening and fighting emerged.

Video punch by Jeannette Lugo

A woman Jeann Lugo attacked with a punch at an abortion rights rally in Providence on Saturday, leading to her arrest and assault charges. Jeann Lugo is an off-duty police officer & Republican candidate for state Senate in Rhode Island.

Lugo was questioned by the Providence Journal over Rourke’s claim. In response to the publication, Lugo said, “I’m not going to deny.” “I can’t really tell you right now since it was so hectic. Everything took place fairly quickly.

The Journal reports that Lugo asserts Rourke “got physical” with him first, which she refutes. Rourke was reported in the newspaper as saying that Lugo was not detained.

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