Watch the video that Paulbreachwnsix tweeted a leak of

The company’s official Twitter account flagged the video as having “Sensitive Content” due to the outrage that many users who follow the Paulbreachwnsix Twitter account experienced upon seeing the personality publish such nasty content. If you’re not aware with this, it implies that anyone can view the video on Twitter but only after clicking past a warning that some users could find it unpleasant. Continue reading to learn more about the debate.

It is currently unknown why the user did not bother to put up content warnings in this video where he is blatantly revealing his private parts. Commenters hypothesise that the person may be attempting to increase their fame by publishing such offensive material that is.

According to the community rules of the website, tweets from Paulbreachwnsix Twitter may cause users to feel uncomfortable, shocked, or disgusted. Dangerous antics are also forbidden by the regulations, which is what Paulbreachwnsix’s video on Twitter might do. According to company policies, no content that portrays an unethical attitude toward the public is permitted on the site.

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