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Video that Martha Mwihaki Hinga leaked

Karungu wa Maurya, a philanthropist, apparently just recently entered the planet. He received a sponsored trip that appeared somewhat intriguing to Dubai, but he was sent home because he was the person who was discovered to be at the core of the dispute after dating the influential Nyambu Ithaga.

When people talk of the well-known writer Maratha, who has left a clue, everyone is captivated and astonished when they assume some of the true details, such as the reality that he is seeing Nayambu and that they both incredibly popular and new to existence. He was the one who went with Martha on the trip, which is said to have gone to Dubai, even though it wasn’t officially announced. If we’re talking about his marital status, they aren’t wed right now.

Masanja Mkandamizaji is now also getting recognition after it was asserted that he gave his wife a significant gift—reportedly a luxurious car—on her birthday after engaging in an extramarital relationship.

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