Video with Yailin’s sister Mami Kim and the popular Angel Dior clip

The Puerto Rican urban singer who was performing on Friday at the Olympic Stadium invited a young urban artist whose career had only recently begun to take off. Although my real name is Angel Rosario, most people call me Angel Dior—yes, like the fashion designer.
He may have gained notoriety due to criticisms of his appearance on “Bad Rabbit,” but he is now regarded as YouTube’s newest sensation.
to quantify it with some figures.
His following grew by 190,000 followers on June 13 in just over a month.

On September 23, 2020, Angel Dior only had 12,500 followers, but by October 23, 2020, she had 171,000, an increase of 1,368%, according to the YouTube data website Social Blade. In less than a month, the music video for his song “AIO,” which features explicit lyrics, has already surpassed 9 million views. While it’s true that the Bad Bunny concert brought in 13,000 more subscribers, this YouTube channel remained the most popular one in May. 5,100 new followers and more than 470,000 daily views are added on average.

Despite the fact that, as he acknowledged, it was his worst performance in front of a large audience, he still managed to do this.

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