Video of the Britt Barbie Fight was leaked on Twitter.

Barbie’s TikTok account, which has acquired more than 400,000 followers for its despicable content, helped her expand her audience. She shared a popular video in February 2022 demonstrating how content producers were unaware that she would have hair coming out of her head. amusing video Many people were interested in learning what sparked the altercation. It appeared that internet users enjoyed watching the influencer get beaten to the ground. Unfortunately, the audio makes it impossible to determine what caused the fight. The dialogue in the film.

Leak of the Britt Barbie fight video

Sis stepped up like she was going to do something, as shown in the funny online trolling of the Britt Barbie fight video. TikToker Following her assault at Missouri’s Mid Rivers Mall, Britt Barbie became a Twitter sensation. The influencer took a punch from an unnamed woman and fell to the ground. The situation is amusing, and this has led to the video’s massive online popularity.

Britt Barbie may be seen in a video provided by Twitter user @faitheartsuuu approaching a couple at the mall. Unidentified individual who featured in the video seemed to provoke the influencer.

Unknown is what he said to her. Moving forward, the duo passed the content maker. The influencer appeared to want to reply to the man, though. Then Britt Barbie approached the couple. The woman then grabbed the TikToker by the hands and knocked her to the ground. In the video that has gone viral, Barbie is seen attempting to stand up.

She attempted to do so, but slipped and was unable to. The influencer didn’t seem ready to defend herself with her hands up against the outsider. full video watch👇

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