Video of Olivia Dunne’s locker room – Olivia Dunne’s locker room revealed

In a frank TikTok video, LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne describes what a day off is like. Even though Olivia Dunne has the day off, she doesn’t necessarily have much free time. The well-known LSU gymnast provided her 6.2 million followers with an inside glimpse at what an average day off for the Division I athlete looks like in a new video she posted to her TikTok profile.

Full video of Olivia Dunne’s locker room

Dunne received a wake-up call at 5:30 a.m. telling her to get ready for her 6 a.m. drug test. She then went with her teammate to a nearby Starbucks where she sipped on an oat milk-based vanilla latte.

Dunne’s morning preparations included a trip to the stadium for therapy because she now has a torn labrum. She then had “a literally life-changing massage” before going to the gym to get in shape.

Video from the Olivia Dunne locker room

The video’s caption on Dunne’s page read, “The grind never stops.

The 20-year-old gymnast managed to fit in further shoulder care in the afternoon before joining her teammates for dinner in the dining hall. At seven o’clock in the evening, Dunne finished his job for the day and got ready for bed. Jordan Morant, a safety for Mississippi State, noticed Dunne a few weeks before and made an online attempt to take a selfie with the New Jersey native.

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