Ukraine Russia war: Russia intercontinental ballistic strike- Zelenskyy claims 10 million people are without power following the latest Russia strike

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asserted in a clip location on Thursday night that the most latest Russian strikes had left approximately 10 million Ukrainians without power.Based on a military statement, as Moscow’s occupying forces showed up to become more involved, Russian missiles as well as shells attacked Ukrainian positions in so many places, and the intense fighting in the eastern city of Donetsk continued unabated. Per a UN agency, as Ukraine’s traditional long and cold winter begins, millions of people will face “constant power outages.”

According to Zelenskyy, authorities in some areas imposed forced emergency blackouts. On Thursday night, the Ukrainian military claimed that Russian missiles as well as drones were systematically trying to attack Ukraine’s electricity network from the northern capital Kyiv to the city center of Dnipro as well as the southern city of Odesa.

Ukrainian soldiers, based on the report, shot down 2 cruise missiles, 5 air-launched missiles, as well as 5 drones built in Iran. The battlefield reports have not been affirmed. Following what Ukraine asserted was the thickest bombardment of civilian targets since Russia initiated its full-scale invasion in February, Kyiv authorities said that they were attempting to fix power nationwide as the city encountered its first winter snowfall. The Donetsk region has seen the most fighting in Russia’s nine-month conflict with Ukraine. Troops withdrawn from Kherson, Ukraine’s reclaimed southern city, have reinforced Russian forces.

As per the Ukrainian military, the neighboring cities of Soledar & Bakhmut are among targets of Russian artillery fire. Inside the northeastern Kharkiv region, Russian fire as well struck Balakliya, of the kind that Ukraine reclaimed in September, & Nikopol, a town located on the river bank of the Kakhovka storage tank out from Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. According to Oleksiy Arestovych, a presidential senior advisor for Ukraine, seven people have been murdered in Zaporizhzhia, whilst also Ukrainian forces deflected Russian threats on the town of Huliapole, located to the east of the city.

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