Twitter video of a woman who is boiling water stabbing a pot of water is onlyprxncessa

Young British gang members brag about stabbing and beating rivals on Twitter and YouTube, which leads to more bloodshed on the streets. Amid boasting and street talk, police witnesses are named and shamed, stabbings are celebrated, and gang feuds are intensified to a lethal level.

This is regular conversation on the over 3,000-follower Twitter account, which is open to the general public.
video of a kettle being stabbed

Rival gang members are made fun of for their frailty or their jewellery, or both, but the main goal of the account, as its name suggests, is to terrify “snitches.”

Leoandro Osemeke, 16, also known as “Showkey,” is accused of being “set up” by a young girl who is even identified and shown in a picture.

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