Twitter Trends For Video Viral From Barquisimeto – Watch the Full Video Here

Depraved sexual acts in a widely circulated video of a tortured child are from Barquisimeto. The afternoon of this Tuesday saw the beginning of the viral spread of a video showing four women performing a lascivious act on a child who is about six years old.

The younger person wept and cried over the abuse they had endured because they were not only being sexually abused but also having pressure placed on their bodies that was assailing them. As the women made obscene cadera movements above the younger person’s humanity. The journalist Edixon Manuel was among the first to publish the video and invite people to file a complaint through his Telegram channel so that it would reach Tarek William Saab, the Fiscal General of the Republic.

Later, the influencer Irrael Gómez posted screenshots of the video on his Instagram account and encouraged his online community to look for the depraved recordings that were being made by a man.

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