Twitter leak of Matt Hancock’s video | Matt Hancock’s entire viral video.

As Matt Hancock struggles to keep his job, the agonising minute-long CCTV footage of him and his married assistant is fully disclosed. The whole CCTV recording of Matt Hancock kissing his married assistant passionately for one agonising minute has been made public.

Matt Hancock in its entirety

The Health Secretary can be seen appearing to survey the area before moving in on the affluent lobbyist in footage purportedly shot on May 6 by opening the door a little.

Gina Coladangelo, 43, approaches Mr. Hancock, who is married, and they begin to embrace passionately as he leans back against the door of his Whitehall office.

Matt Hancock Twitter video

The video was released by The Sun at a time when Mr. Hancock is fighting for his political career. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have called him a “hypocrite” who should be fired for kissing a lover while disobeying his own advice to keep his hands, face, and space to himself.

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The Health Secretary appears to lean against the door at the beginning of the video before snogging Ms. Coladangelo by putting one hand behind her head and moving the other to her bottom. The assistant touches Mr. Hancock’s cheek as he leans forward, and the two momentarily separate themselves while grinning in the other direction.

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