Tuimala fire full video is trending on Twitter and Reddit. Watch it now.

The 46-year-old woman did not leave her burning house. Since then, online users have used social media to voice their disgust at people who chose to capture the upsetting events rather than provide assistance. One person claimed that people were filming the incident while the victim was burning inside the home. When asked why they were doing it, one user responded, “5 seconds of fame while someone lost their life? ”

Tuimala and her husband were in their three-story home when it caught fire, according to law officials. The woman was left in the burning building while the husband was able to flee.

The neighbours of the couple and her husband reportedly made an effort to save Tuimala, according to the police. They failed to locate the victim in time, though.

The upsetting incident was captured on film and posted to Facebook. According to Kaniva News, the video depicted a woman yelling for help and crying out to a man who appeared to be her husband.

The fact that law enforcement was aware that the video was being shared online was also disclosed. They also mentioned that some false information regarding the incident had been spreading online.

Internet users honour Tuimala

Users of the internet were horrified by the incidence. Numerous people paid respect to Tuimala and sent their sympathies to the victim’s friends and family. Others blamed the police and the fire department for failing to rescue the victim from danger. A few online comments stated the following:

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