Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison’s compromising love leaked video becomes viral on Twitter and Reddit.

After Georgia Harrison, a former Towie cast member, asked him not to, Stephen Bear “posted video of himself having sex with her in the grass.” A courtroom heard today that STEPHEN Bear had sex with his Towie super-celebrity ex Georgia Harrison outside before posting the film on OnlyFans. The 32-year-old truth supermegacelebrity is accused of recording the consenting sex on a security camera and then selling the footage for at least £2,181 on an X-rated website.

After he told her about the photos, Georgia reportedly begged him not to share them since doing so would “greatly disenchant her.”She later airdropped the 20-minute footage, which the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court heard, and discovered that it was being made available for pay-per-view. Georgia said, “We had sex in the past. Looking back, he put much more positions and effort into his performance than usual. He was also much more excited and dramatic.

I had no idea who I was on camera.

Georgia claimed she told Bear she had to see it when he said they “could have been stuck” on CCTV. When she thought she had him send the video on WhatsApp later that night, she claimed she realised it had become an “extreme situation.”

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