Steph Oshiri’s leaked video trending on Twitter and Reddit .

Plus-size model OnlyF A few weeks ago, Steph Oshiri made news when she disclosed that she got paid $45,000 a month for her 55-inch butt. On TikTok, the 28-year-old revealed to her followers that she uses Moneymaker for more than simply fund-raising.

Oshiri discloses in a video with the tagline “I hope that’s a joke” that she once used a sizable bootleg collection. She used it specifically to sneak bottles of wine into concerts. One of the things I used to do when I was young was stash an entire bottle of wine up my ass, Oshiri said in a video that was shared to her other account. I am not joking. I wish I were there.

I always have to conceal the booze when I go to a concert with my friends, she says, spinning around to face the camera. “I hope to be kidding,” Many people in Oshiri’s comment section were baffled by her “in my bum” statement. Some even demanded explanations or demonstrations.

Many of her queries in the comments area were unanswered by Oshiri. But she immediately smashed the record with a video demonstration. She places a bottle on the back of her jeans in the video. She ought to have claimed that she and her companions smuggled alcohol into concerts by tucking bottles down our pants. I get your perspective; it makes more sense.

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