Sophie Codegoni is expecting; Sophie and Alessandro Basciano’s viral video

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Today we’ll talk about Alessandro Basciano and Sophie Codegoni viral video. This video is trending and breaking the records. Get all the updates regarding video from our website.

As of a few minutes ago, Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano’s INCINTA, shared lovely development of their relationship.

Alessandro Basciano & Sophie Codegoni have been hoping for their first child for over a year now. The previous trimester of women and men, who will turn 22 on January 22, is expecting, according to social media reports. The two demonstrate their pregnancy by sharing a soft clip of an ultrasonography.

At GF Vip 6, Sophie & Alex first fell madly in love. After moving in together and conceiving a stunning marriage proposal, they did so on the pink carpet of that same Venice Film Festival. Nevertheless, the stork might appear even before orange blossoms.

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