Shaquille Robinson’s video from Mexico – Shaquella Robinson’s charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte woman was found dead in Mexico; an examination revealed a broken neck, according to her family. As a Charlotte family searches for information regarding the death of a 25-year-old, it has turned into a mystery in Mexico. They are unsure of the truth regarding what transpired at a Cabo villa due to conflicting stories. For Shanquella Robinson and her gang of pals, the holiday weekend was meant to be enjoyable.

who travelled to Cabo to celebrate a birthday.

They have a cook, she said. They were preparing to eat. I said, “OK,” as they were eating tacos, a salad, or something similar. I cherish you. Good night, everyone. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. My child and I never spoke again. Never made, she.

North Carolina’s Shaquella Robinson

According to Salamondra Robinson, her mother, she should bring it back home. According to Salamondra, she passed just 24 hours after her daughter arrived. Understanding how or why has only made the family’s nightmare worse.

Robinson’s friends made a panicked call to set it all off. She wasn’t feeling well, they claimed. She claimed to have alcohol poisoning. They were unable to obtain a pulse, she added. “Everyone who was present with her was telling her a different story.

Mexico’s Shaquille Robinson

Robinson, a well-known hairstylist in the region who had a braids and extensions company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Following her passing, tributes have been posted often on social media. Despite the fact that the cause has not yet been determined, she was apparently in Cabo, Mexico, at the time.

News about a braider and business owner in Charlotte, North CaCarolina. The of Shanquella Robinson’s passing first seems to have surfaced on October 30, 2022. But the incident has now gained additional attention because to a TikTok upload by the video artist In Killing Color. See the complete video below.👇👇👇

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