Severed Steel, an Epic Games free mystery game, was released on Twitter and Reddit on July 27, 2022.

As we approach the conclusion of our 15-day Christmas event schedule and the completion of the 2022 Epic Games Store Mystery Games programme, there are still openings for games on December 27 and 28.

There is always a tonne of great gaming content in December, and there is still plenty more to come. PC gamers should be aware that there will be no Lunar New Year sale in 2023 while the Steam Winter Sale is still going on.

The annual Epic Games 15 Days of Christmas event is usually fantastic since it gives away a tonne of wonderful games for free, even though the Steam Winter Sale is thrilling.

The Epic Games 15 Days of Free Play event in 2022 will begin on December 15th. On the EC website, this is visible.

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