Sarah Beeny: Cancer patients should not be embarrassed of their bald heads

The 50-year-old presenter disclosed her own diagnosis of breast cancer in August and admitted to shaving her head with dog clippers.
Sarah Beeny wishes to transform the stereotype of cancer patients feeling “ashamed of their bald heads.”

The 50-year-old property expert and presenter disclosed her own breast cancer diagnosis in August, and she admitted to shaving her head with dog clippers.

She is widely credited on UK property shows such as Help! My House Is Falling Apart and Sarah Beeny’s New Country Life
She told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine that people who don’t have hair are frequently viewed as “victims,” “angry,” or “punished.”

“Having no hair correlated significantly with anger,” she explained.

You’re either a victim or a punishment, such as Fantine in Les Misérables or Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. People are embarrassed about their bald heads.

“The further I talk to individuals on this boat, the more I hear the word’shame,’ and I wondered why?”

“If you have breast cancer and are undergoing treatment, the fact that you have no hair is not cause for embarrassment.”

“I don’t want to be embarrassed.” I don’t want others to be embarrassed. “I want to break that stereotype.”

In August, she disclosed her diagnosis by posting a photo of herself along with her sons trimming off a portion of her hair, afterward disclosing to the Mail that she had used clippers that were also used to cut her dog’s hair.
My interns hairdressers trimmed off my hair on Friday night – could get one step ahead after the first chemo breast cancer treatment on Friday – the exclusive club you’d rather not be a member of!” She titled the post.

Despite her prognosis, Beeny has stated that she will continue working and is planning a new Channel 4 series as well as book for later this year.
She told the Daily Mail that after two weeks she began chemotherapy, which she described as “really traumatic” because “handfuls” of her hair started falling out.

“That’s when I burst out crying.” ‘Oh my God, this is it,’ I thought. “It’s happening,” she explained.

Beeny’s mother, 39, died of breast cancer when she was ten years old.

Beeny married artist Graham Swift in 2003 and has four children: Rafferty, Laurie, Billy, and Charlie.

As part of Channel 4’s Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, she began documenting the rehabilitation of Rise Hall, a Grade II-listed manor house in Rise, East Yorkshire, in 2010.

Beeny and Swift worked together to redecorate Rise Hall as just a family home as well as wedding venue before selling it in 2019.

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