Release Information for Spy x Family Episode 21: Release Time, Spoilers, Preview, and Online Streaming Information

Henderson gave the kids additional homework in the previous movie, as was evident. Anya messed up the assignment, which asked her to write about the occupation or career of her family, neighbours, or friends. We have the most recent spoilers if you are watching the Spy x Family series and are looking forward to episode 21.

Yor was reminiscing back to her time working as an assassin when Anya asked her about her occupation. She advised her to seek Loid’s assistance because learning things like that could be bad for her. The following day, Forger brought Anya to the hospital where he pretended to be a psychiatrist. He described his professional background and introduced her to his coworkers.

We learned in the second segment that Anya created a secret code based on one of her favourite espionage flicks. Everyone in her immediate vicinity, including Damina, Franky, and Becky, received the code from her. Anya was eager to learn who would crack the code, but she was unable to wake up in time to discover the solution.

The future episode will feature Fiona, whose code name is Nightfall, who will be introduced. She seems to have been smitten with Forger for a very long time. She will be given a task by Sylvia in which she must assume the role of his wife. Fion will consider stealing Forger from Yor so he may be with his wife. She will intend to do it when she gets to his house, and Anya will know it.

Franky mistook the code Anya had given her for a love letter when he received it. With its delicious smell, he imagined that she had been given to him by someone. He was way too eager to meet that enigmatic female.

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