Redheadsweetheart was released on Reddit, and the tiktok star video quickly became popular on Twitter

Jordan began her YouTube career in June 2014 when she made the “Redheadsweetheart” YouTube channel and started uploading videos to it. Jordan posted her first video to her YouTube channel on April 19, 2015. She discusses her reasons for starting a YouTube channel in her opening video. In her interview with Jordan, she revealed to me that her sister has two YouTube channels, on which she posts her daily movies and beauty tips on the first. She or he reportedly draws inspiration from her sister to start their own YouTube channel.

To the great satisfaction of her followers, she intends to start a YouTube channel where she may share her travels and adventures. She had originally intended to submit her knowledge to Miami because she believed there might be numerous opportunities there.

Her friends advised her to watch travel films like Free and Long-Term Travel Around the World when she was in her early twenties. She or he viewed a lot of travel films during this period that inspired her, and as a result, she or he or they became aware of a lifestyle where she or they could travel full-time while earning a living as a full-time career, which really got her thinking.

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