Qatar 2022… A country’s route to hosting the mega-event in football is chronicled.

The history begins with Prashant, who has worked as a journalist for more than two decades, joining the most prestigious daily in the region, Gulf Times, around the time that Qatar was becoming a world-class sporting nation and Doha was becoming a world-class city in preparation for the 2006 Asian Games.

It will also take you to significant moments in Qatar’s history as a country and its rise to prominence as a sports mecca, which will eventually lead to Qatar winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the preparation of the largest event ever held in the region. It also serves as a reminder of how the tiny country has hosted some of the biggest names in tennis and golf, as well as the introduction of Formula 1 and MotoGP to the region, as well as the Doha Asian Games in 2006 and the eventual hosting of the biggest producers of what Pele famously referred to as “Jogo Bonito” (The Beautiful Game).

According to how it describes itself, the book offers an insider’s look at the nation’s grand plans for the FIFA 2022 World Cup and the process that led them to become the first Arab nation to host the event.

Additionally, it explores the history of the country, including the coming together of desert tribes, the pearl divers, their role as stewards of the third-largest gas reserve in the world, as well as many other fascinating facets of the country.

The book describes how a money infusion changed the nation’s ambitions to become a global superpower. Before accomplishing the seemingly unachievable and winning the World Cup bid in 2010, Qatar purposefully made sport its primary priority in order to gain prominence and regional domination. There were numerous obstacles in the way, but Qatar persisted.

As the world’s attention turns to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, the country is aware that this event will have a significant impact on how the rest of the world views it. Be prepared to be astounded, knowing how Qatar can host events with style!

The book appears to be an honest look back at a country’s journey to becoming a sports paradise and also examines some warts on the underbelly, such as the controversies over buying success in sports by luring athletes away from Africa and neighbouring nations, particularly for the 2006 Asian Games in Doha; the controversies surrounding the bid victory and a Qatari Asian Football Confederation president Mohammed bin Bath house getting banned; and migrant issues taking centre stage with the stutter.

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