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Amazing NFL Workout by Phil Simms from 1987 is Something We Should All Do As the New York Giants’ starting quarterback, Phil Simms had a fantastic career. He led his team to victory in Super Bowl XXI while excelling in the most challenging media environment possible.

Then he made a name for himself as one of the media’s most powerful game analysts. But it goes without saying that at-home workout DVDs are the first thing that anyone imagines when they hear his name, and for good reason.

Online listings for Simms’ vintage 1987 training tape occasionally appear. As an illustration, consider this from Christmas Eve 2012. Since a brand-new audience is introduced to it every single time, it is simply not covered enough.

Phil simms workout video on twitter

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On the plus side, it makes a great addition to any at-home exercise routine. It doesn’t need any special equipment and may be done even in a small apartment. It would be appropriate to politely socially remove oneself from a class. The lengthy and inflated high-five celebration, however, should never be imitated. See complete video 👇👇

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