Pastor Ibiyomie informs husbands and spouses as the church begins fasting, “No s3x for 21 days.”

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministries, has commanded men and wives to abstain from sexual activity for 21 days while the congregation begins fasting and prayer.

Ibiyomie said this on Sunday during the opening worship session.

He asserts that couples should forego sexual activity for the duration of the fasting, 21 days, and stresses that doing so won’t result in anyone’s death.

I’ve seen individuals say, ‘My husband suggested that once we break since we eat food, we should eat this one also,’ so refrain from sex during this fasting season, he advised. So, ah! I’m aware of it! They request that you inform my spouse that we are fasting as a pastor.

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