Otto Kranni’s Facebook video leaked to Twitter and Reddit, according to Pimura Oy

On social media, a video of a man tossing chairs, tables, and garden décor into the water from his boat has gone viral. Others caught the joke on camera using their cell phones. Ilta-Sanomi claimed that the tipper was the CEO of a Pirkanmaa-based construction firm.

The video was shot over the previous weekend in the executive room of the M/S Baltic Princess, according to Marika Nöjd, head of communications at Tallink Silja.

Once the offender was apprehended, the furniture had to be immediately replaced. They then received a return ticket, and it was then obvious what they had placed there, according to Nöjd.

Other people in the video record with their smartphones as someone else launches an empty beer can from a balcony before tossing a table and chairs into the water. The men swear and drink beer in the meantime. Petri Nygrd’s song Selvä päivä is playing in the background. The footage was posted on Nygrd’s Facebook page by him.

If they are no longer welcome on board, for instance, we may take other measures. We take personal property loss and damage to the boat very seriously. Nöjd argued that this was, in fact, inappropriate conduct.

A suite called EXECUTIVE-SUITE is situated behind and has a balcony. The Swedish ship’s most expensive cabin was that one. Over time, similar videos have appeared, according to the communications director.

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