Object Disguise Where to talk to a character in Fortnite to obtain a prop disguise.

The greatest way for players to be stealthy and silent in Fortnite is to use prop disguises. Once the magic is cast, the players are transformed into commonplace items that help them blend in with their environment.

Because Fortnitemares is so much fun, Epic Games has chosen to challenge gamers to become Prop Disguises. The reward for completing the mission is 15,000 XP.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to chat to a character in Fortnite to obtain a Prop Disguise

1) Arrive at Chrome Crossroads or Greasy Grove.

Players must decide where to land in order for the challenge to start. Prop Disguises can only be found at two POIs, therefore landing at either one will do. The only remaining query is which is superior.

Due to the enormous mushrooms, Greasy Grove, which is in the alien biome that is disintegrating, gets a lot of coverage. But it’s also difficult to see with all these enormous mushrooms. Campers may easily take the high ground and use it to fire at nearby players.

Chrome Crossroads, on the other hand, is a more open POI. While travelling throughout the space, players can see their opponents with ease. Nevertheless, there are a few issues. Gunfights may spill over onto the Point of Interest due to its proximity to the Herald’s Sanctum.

Depending on how they played and wherever the Battle Bus went, players must pick which place is preferable at the end of the game.

2) Purchase necessary materials before purchasing a prop disguise.

Players should concentrate on obtaining supplies after they are on the ground after selecting the POI. Before continuing the task, it is best to get ready because opponents will land nearby.

To find good weapons and ammunition, look for chests. Additionally, it would be sage to search for things that can aid in people’s recovery. Chug Splash and a few plants or fruits ought to be sufficient.

3) Talk to Guaco or Beach Bomber at Greasy Grove or Chrome Crossroads.

Finding the NPC at their POI is the next step once you have your stuff. You may find Guaco on the first floor of the structure on the western edge of Greasy Grove. On the moving dock near Chrome Crossroads, you can find Beach Bomber.

Despite the fact that these two NPCs are simple to discover, if necessary, players can use the minimap to locate them. They will appear as a white caption on the map. However, it’s best to use caution when in their vicinity as other adversaries might be attempting to engage them.

4) Select the “Prop Disguise” service and spend gold to purchase it.

Once you’ve located the NPC, speak with them and ask about the “Prop Disguise” service. It will cost 75 gold to turn it on. Purchase it to complete the challenge and continue playing the game.

Keep in mind that until a player uses a weapon or item, the Prop Disguise will remain in place. Shooting at them will also negate the effect.

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