Musk on ‘all-time high usage’ amid reports of Twitter exodus over new admonishment

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Elon Musk is overjoyed. At the very least, he has been communicating effectively that the social media company is doing really well on his Twitter feed, which is accompanied by over 116 million users. His posts may contradict what critics and so many media reports claim. However, the world’s richest person is unfazed by criticism. “The media’s constant coverage of Twitter is driving utilisation to all-time peaks, so that’s fine by me!” wrote the billionaire tycoon in one of his most recent tweets.

He was reacting to a post in which a user attempted to draw attention to the obvious paradox in media attention of the adjustments the social networking firm has undergone since the takeover. “The media is attempting to paint Elon Musk in a negative light. Here’s an association between two news stories (which conflict each other lol) that only verify one thing: they want to write anything negative about Elon. “Pure bias in its truest form, (sic),” read the post. While one headline emphasized his action against ‘lax managers,’ another detailed the resumption of the remote-work mandate to employees.

This came despite reports that the billionaire has issued a new ultimatum to Twitter employees. According to Reuters, thousands of employees are said to be leaving the company after being asked to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave. According to the report, the world’s richest person was going to meet with top employees to try to persuade them to stay, citing one permanent employee as well as a recent death employee who is in contact with Twitter colleagues.

The new update could jeopardise Twitter’s operations, which are utilized by upper world leaders, performers, sports figures, and millions of other users.

According to a memo obtained by Bloomberg, Twitter’s offices will be closed until Monday. “Please continue to follow company policy by not describing sensitive information information via social media, with press, or anywhere else,” the memo stated.

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