Michael Jordan’s dog appears in a twitter video.

Multiply this number that by a factor of 10 or more for professional athletes. You travel for a significant portion of the year and frequently have little to no control over if you’ll be traded or released.

is raising the stakes on its I Am Cult hero franchise to a stratospheric level. A relatively small thing, like pet ownership, can feel like a relatively huge leap, but it’s one Miguel Ibarra chose to take last year with the miniaturised Shiba Inu he named “MJ.”

Twitter Michael Jordan puppy video

In addition to original star Will Smith, the studio is bringing back the Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan for its upcoming instalment. This will mark the duo’s first major motion picture as both stars and producers.

Shibas are the smallest of the Japanese dog breeds; the largest being the Akita, in case you’re not familiar with them.

They are the equal of beagles in the United States in Japan: common, smallish canines that are neither yappy nor too large. They may be known to you thanks to the “doge” meme.

Trending Michael Jordan puppy video

They are also attractive canines with endearing curled tails that people frequently mistake for pups long after they reach their mature weight limit of 25 pounds.

Ibarra’s little Shibas typically weigh between 10 and 14 pounds. Full disclosure: I too have a Shiba Inu. The main distinction between Ibarra’s dog and mine is that he is an Instagram celebrity who is definitely worth following if you enjoy seeing cute dog pictures in your feed. See complete video.

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