Matt Hancock has lost his Tory whip after having to agree to appear on I’m a Celebrity

The party has taken action against the former prime minister after it was revealed that he will appear on the reality TV show.

Former cabinet minister Matt Hancock has had his Tory whip suspended after it was revealed that he was going into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity… I Need to Get Out of Here!

The politician will be the show’s 12th contestant, and will perform arduous tasks such as being suffocated in pests or consuming kangaroo testicles.

However, the former health secretary received criticism from Tory whips & his constituency party for his decision to participate, and he will presently sit as an independent MP. The show runs at the same time as the Commons.

“Following a dialogue with Matt Hancock, I have regarded the situation and assume this is a serious enough matter to guarantee disqualification of the whip with immediate effect,” said Conservative chief whip Simon Hart.

Hancock was also chastised by Andy Drummond, deputy chair of the West Suffolk Conservative Association, who said: “I’m looking forward to him eating a kangaroo’s penis.” You may cite me on that.”

“The prime minister claims to believe that at a difficult time for the nation, MPs should be working extremely hard for their components, whether that’s in the residence or in their constituency,” said Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson.

This week, Hancock dropped his bid to seat the Treasury Select Committee & announced the publication of Pandemic Diaries, a book about his life experience as health secretary during in the Covid crisis.

According to the Guardian, Hancock has been filming another tv Show this year. He will appear in the upcoming season of Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Last year, Hancock resigned as health secretary after CCTV footage showed him smooching his nearest aide, Gina Coladangelo, in his ministerial office, in violation of his own Covid rules on distancing.

According to a source close to Hancock, the show’s producers consented that his components could contact him on urgent things when he was in the jungle.

They claimed Hancock did not intend to return to the cabinet. “I’m A Celeb” is the most watched television show. “Matt does not intend to serve in government again, so this is a great chance for him to start engaging with the 12 million British viewers who tune in every night,” they said. According to the source, there are “many ways to do the job of being an MP… There are very few places where people can see a politician as they truly are, whether he’s in tent for one day or three weeks.”

Hancock supposedly turned down a request to appear on the show at first, but reconsidered after Liz Truss’s premiership ended and the government was restored to some semblance of stability. Hancock supported Sunak in the leadership race but was not asked to rejoin the cabinet.

“While he was flattered as well as naturally curious when he was initially approached to participate, it didn’t take him long to turn down the opportunity because of the instability the government was confronted with at the time,” a Hancock ally said. “However, the government is now stable. Rishi Sunak has made an excellent start, and the Conservative Party as a whole is behind him. Rishi has a large majority in parliament, so he can push his agenda through.”

According to them, Hancock spoke with the whips “in almost the same way any MP would when continuing on a foreign visit, which occurs on a regular basis.

According to the source, politicians “must go to where the folks are – especially those who are electorally disengaged… Matt believes that we should embrace popular culture. Rather than dismissing reality television, we should have seen it for what it is: a powerful tool for reaching out to younger generations.”

According to the Guardian, the committee did not receive an application for Hancock’s appearance, and Pickles will write to the former health minister to request an explanation. Breaching the rules carries no monetary penalty, but it may reduce Hancock’s probability of gaining an honour.

When the new series premieres on Sunday, ten celebrities will join the show, and Hancock will become one of the late “bombshell” arrivals, along with comedian Seann Walsh, according to the Sun.

The West Suffolk MP is the newest political figure to appear on the show, following Nadine Dorries, Stanley Johnson, and Lembit pik.

Dorries was postponed by the Conservative Party in 2012 after it was revealed she was going to be a contestant on the show. She attempted to justify the decision at the time by claiming that the programme would serve as a platform for reaching out to the public and increasing awareness about crucial matters.

After being castigated by the parliamentary guidelines watchdog, she eventually apologized to the House of representatives for failing to disclose her fee for appearing on the show.

Dorries did, however, return to frontline politics as Culture Secretary in Boris Johnson’s government.

This year’s lineup also includes Boy George, rugby star Mike Tindall, England footballer Jill Scott, Charlene White from Loose Women, TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, comedian Babatunde Aléshé, and radio host Chris Moyles.

There will also be an amount of soap as well as reality TV stars present, including Sue Cleaver from Coronation Street, Owen Warner from Hollyoaks, and Olivia Attwood from Love Island.

“Matt Hancock isn’t a ‘celebrity,’ he’s the former health minister who oversaw the UK having one of the highest Covid-19 death tolls in the world while breaking his own lockdown rules,” said Lobby Akinnola of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Judicial campaign.

“The fact that he is wanting to capitalize in on his terrible heritage, rather than displaying some humility or reflecting on the atrocious repercussions of his time in power, says everything about the type of person he is.”

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