Leaked tiktok video of Atlanta nurses being fired on Reddit and Twitter

After complaining about their patients and their families in a TikTok video, four nurses in Atlanta were dismissed. We previously advised you to press the call light, the nurses can be heard saying on the video, and “every five minutes you have a family member coming to the front desk asking for anything else.” The nurses were dismissed as a result of their impolite behaviour when the video went viral.

In the popular TikTok video, a nurse’s coworker makes an appearance on camera and impersonates a snarky demanding relative, saying things like “Excuse me! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please pass the water. I’m sorry. I’d want a blanket, please. The video, which was extensively circulated online before being taken down, included four Emory Healthcare employees. In the video, a different nurse bemoans mothers who weigh their newborns while still holding them. The nurses were sacked from their positions as a result of their disrespectful and unprofessional behaviour in the video.

Online outrage and concern were generated by the TikTok video of the nurses moaning about their patients and their families. Many people expressed shock and surprise that the nurses can speak so disrespectfully about the people who are likely to be caring for. Imagine saying these things to ladies at our most [vulnerable] time in life, one individual said in response. The nurses in the video had all been dismissed, according to ABC station WSB-TV.

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