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Leaked Volleyball Team

The athletic department’s press statement provided no details regarding the image or video, however the Milwaukee Sentinel obtained a glimpse from a supplier who asserted it was one of many. It appears that he was dismissed after the squad won the Big Ten championship in November. Numerous employees are seen in the photo erecting their sports bras for a photo session.

The images and videos, according to Wisconsin, should not have been made public.”UWPD should not be conducting an investigation any wrongdoing besides volleyball student-athletes on this topic,” the statement said. Our top priority is to assist our student-athletes, as such we go to them for the necessary resources and companies.Upon having to learn that pictures had been propagated, staff members notified the college police, as required by Wisconsin law.

As per a press release from sports division, police were investigating a variety of offences, including the unauthorized posting of private photos.”Unauthorized communication is a significant illegal occupation of pupil confidentiality, such as alleged violations of College policy & criminal statutes,” according to the statement.A substantial percentage of the content on the disclosed website was excluded without the participant’s permission.

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