Kayla shyx’s arm was broken in the video “kayla arm broken” video of Kayla Shyx’s accident: She breaks both arms

If you look at the participants’ clothing in MontanaBlack’s new show “Get Away,” you can immediately tell what they’re wearing.

The uniform orange clothing has a strong American prison uniform resemblance, which is fitting given that the goal of the broadcast is to achieve a prison break.

The sending principle is straightforward, but the tasks are more challenging: Twitch and YouTube stars must compete against one another and earn the most points possible during challenges in a total of five rounds.
Broken arm of Kayla video

The top three players advance to the championship game after the five rounds. Steven Gätjen, who plays the prison director on MontanaBlack, moderates the broadcast.

Through three reinforced walls made of various materials without assistance.

Kayla Shyx tries to buddel herself through the ground at the first wall with her hands covered in blood. When that doesn’t work, she punches and knocks them against the wall, but it has devastating consequences.

One hears her call out of nowhere. “I think I hurt my arm,” and “I think he broke,” more get the attention of the audience: initially unable to see and hear within.

They reported there in the middle of the night that they had to have surgery since Shyx had badly damaged them. In fact, both arms were broken, not just one.

Worry about Montana

Black seems to be lacking, though: She thanks him for the flowers on the hospital bed. Knossi ultimately won the show.

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