Kacy Black shared leaked videos and images on Reddit and Twitter.

Netflix’s “Revenge,” a dark comedy about two high school girls banding together to teach each other’s bullies a lesson, comes after Heathers, Mean Girls, and Jennifer’s body.

Drea, the former high school beauty queen who rose to fame after her lover (Austin Abrams) revealed her six-band, is portrayed by Riverdale’s Camila Mendes.

When she joins forces with newcomer Eleanor (Maya Hawke from Stranger Things), who also seeks retribution against her former bully Karissa, her resistance quickly gives way.

The movie has a fantastic soundtrack in addition to an intriguing plot that is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Stranger on a Train and an all-star ensemble that includes Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sophie Turner.

Do Revenge is an album full of tunes that reflect on action, with songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Caroline Polachek, and Billie Eilish among its contributors. For the complete soundtrack, keep reading.

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