Itslunarliv Twitter: Watch Itslunarliv viral Video

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Today we’ll talk about Itslunarliv viral video. This video is trending and breaking the records. Get all the updates regarding video from our website.

The ability to modify tweets will only be available to Twitter Blue account subscribers. On the edit feature, which indicates the edit option, are the phrases “recently edited” as well as a date and time. The very first edited tweet has been posted on Twitter’s official handle, weeks just after social media platform announced that paid customers would soon be able to “edit” their tweets. The Twitter Blue accounts made changes to the tweet after it had been published.

This “edit” feature is inaccessible to the wider populace. The company repeatedly indicated that Twitter Blue subscribers would get guaranteed access to it. Furthermore, it stated that $4.99 per month Twitter Blue subscribers will have accessibility to “a few times” of post-publication tweaking for each tweet.

Twitter users have often requested the ability to modify tweets after they’ve been posted in order to fix errors like typos. Due to these demands, there have been online jokes that claim Twitter would rather offer any other item, such as emails, than adding its the most requested function.

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