In Serena McKay’s death, a second adolescent has entered a guilty plea.

When a young person disputes who is to blame for Serena McKay’s death January 11, 2018 posted A young person has claimed responsibility for her role in Serena McKay’s death. April 2017 saw the murder of the 19-year-old on Sagkeeng Country. Following her passing, a realistic video showing the adolescent being assaulted severely was shared on social media.

When a child claims Serena McKay’s death was not properly investigated 11 January 2018 Posted A young person has been accused of being responsible for Serena McKay’s death. On Sagkeeng Country, the 19-year-old was killed in April 2017. Later, a convincing video showing the teen being viciously abused on the night she passed away was shared on social media.

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