How To Get Free KFC Hammersmith London Tickets Pub The Colonel’s Arms

The World Cup has been in full swing in Qatar for a week of football matches. KFC opened a temporary pub in Hammersmith, London, surprising local football fans. Find out how to get tickets for the Pub Arms of the Colonel here. The Colonel’s Arms’ location and closing times are all listed below for your convenience.

A tavern in Hammersmith, London, called The Colonel’s Arms is named after Colonel Sanders, the man who founded KFC. 80 Fulham Palace Road is the address. As the Colonel adds his Southern-fried flavour to this British classic, the chain promises “unparalleled football viewing experience, away from the winter frost & beer garden chairs.”

But what was the previous name of the old bar? Although it’s now a pop-up pub with classic KFC buckets loaded with flowers hanging from the ceiling, the location is actually called The Old Suffolk Punch. The pub only recently debuted on November 25 and will be here for only one week. After December 1, The Colonel’s Arms will close its doors.

You must have a ticket to enter the pub, according to a post on Eventbrite. Currently, there are no more tickets available, and it’s unclear if a pass can be purchased at the bar. The pub will give away four tickets on Thursday to commemorate the fact that it will be the last day The Colonel’s Arms is open.

Each participant must retweet the tweet that is pinned to the top of the @KFC UKI Twitter page throughout the campaign time to be eligible to win. The deal will run from November 25 through December 1. Everyone who participated will then be entered into a drawing to win a ticket to The Colonel’s Arms. There will only be one winner, and they will receive four tickets. The winning team’s four members must be all at least 18 years old.

Retweet the message from KFC UK below for a chance to win and watch football in a bar. There are also all of the entry requirements listed in full:

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