Hodan Hashi video Paige Theriault Saskatoon’s popular video of Hodan Hashi.

After a confrontation early on Saturday morning at the Crazy Cactus bar in Saskatoon, a woman is accused of manslaughter. On Monday, Paige Theriault Fisher made an appearance in provincial court.

She is accused of killing Hodan Hashi, a 23-year-old man. After several hours, the second-degree murder charge against Theriault-Fisher was reduced to the lower charge. They depict two women fighting while standing, with onlookers watching.

Video of a crazy cactus stabbing

They both fall to the ground together while the first woman has the other in a headlock. We have a b—h fight on the dance floor, someone can be heard saying over the PA system. After a brief struggle, one of the women repeatedly punches the other in the face and neck region.

It’s unclear if she’s holding anything while she strikes.Theriault-Fisher was taken into custody there. The initial allegation against her was second-degree murder, but it was later reduced to manslaughter.

Video of Saskatoon bar stabbing

Officers continually assess the material they are obtaining as an investigation develops, a Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson told CTV News.

“In this instance, it involved altering the charge.

Theriault-Fisher and the victim, according to the police, were acquainted.

The victim is seen on the floor covered in blood in graphic cellphone video that has been making the rounds on social media. In the footage, a lady is seen kicking and punching the victim while she is on top of her.

Hodan Hashi Video Full Link Paige Theriault Saskatoon

On Monday, a woman accused of being involved in a homicide at a Saskatoon nightclub appeared in court for the first time.

Hodan Hashi, 23, died at the Lit Nightclub, which is located above the Crazy Cactus, and Paige Theriault Fisher, 22, has been charged with manslaughter.

At 2:40 in the morning on November 5, according to police, the woman was reported to have “a major injury.”Despite the efforts of police and paramedics to save her life, she was declared dead at the scene, according to authorities.

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