Heyimbee leaked movies and images to only supporters on Twitter and Reddit.

Bee, sometimes known as Bianca, is a well-known Twitch live streamer and YouTube gamer that specialises in Minecraft videos and vlogs. On YouTube, she now has more than 3 million subscribers.

Bee migrated to Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, after leaving her birthplace of New South Wales. She was given the moniker “Bee” when she was little and discovered that she was allergic to bees. Bee regularly broadcasts live on the Hive server.

She posted a boyfriend tag video with her boyfriend Gingy in August 2015, however they broke up in 2016. She is also close friends with Graser10, another YouTuber that plays Minecraft.

bee… You can create any kind of content you want for your YouTube channel, but why are your older videos being deleted? seriously? preserve it at least for us Og fans of yours. I can vividly recall being anticipatory as I drove home from school and thought about watching your movies. Those old minecraft, sims, and yandere movies of yours were a part of my upbringing, so deleting or making them private made me feel as like a piece of my youth had been taken away. please b. I know individuals change and develop new hobbies, but it seems like you didn’t care about the folks who were there for you while you developed. provide a channel for archival content at the very least. Bianca, hurry up, I truly miss it.

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