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YouTube videos of Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia In the field of journalism, Harun Maruf has about 30 years of expertise.

After the autocratic government was overthrown in 1991, he was one of the pioneers of the autonomous Somali media.

YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit are all places where you can find a Harun Tusenmacher video.

He previously served as a Somalia correspondent for the BBC and the Associated Press. Harun has been the editor of VOA Somali for the longest time; he joined the organisation in July 2008 and has been there ever since.

In addition to serving as editor-in-chief, he has introduced challenging programming, such as investigative reporting and series, on the VOA Somali channel. He debuted The Investigative Dossier in March 2018, a ground-breaking biweekly investigative programme that was a first for Somali media.

It was the best piece of journalism Harlan had ever written. His efforts had an impact on the Somali government’s political development.

Together with Dan Joseph, a coworker at VOA, Harlan released his debut book in October 2018. The book Inside Al Shabab, the Secret History of Al Qaeda’s Most Powerful Ally, details the militant group’s plans to topple the government of Somalia and turn it into a haven for terrorists.

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