Girl gets her braids ripped in a video of her pulling off braids and on Twitter.

Twitter Video of a Girl Having Her Braids Ripped Off During a Fight.

Many people from all around the world saw the 32-second viral battle video of the girl who had her cornrows torn off, which had a heart shape on the side.

In high school, it took place. Before one of the girls smacked the other and the true fight broke out in front of the other girls, the two girls first began bickering with one another.

Video of a girl undoing her braids

Seeing that girl’s braids pulled out in public is both humorous and sad. Several viewers of the video commented on it on Twitter. “I don’t think you were trying to grab something to hold on to when you were fighting; I think it was just instinct.

Girl removing braids on Twitter

In a fight video, a girl has her braids ripped off. Many individuals searched for a trending video being spread across multiple sites like YouTube after a high school brawl between two teenage girls in front of the public.

The footage of the altercation instantly went viral after being submitted to Twitter by a bystander. Girl gets her braids ripped out in a fight video on Twitter, girl getting her braids ripped out. See complete video

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