Full video of the stampede in South Korea 149 people lost their lives in South Korea’s Halloween horror.

A big incident occurred in South Korea today, October 30, at a Halloween celebration. The individuals fled the globe while having a Halloween party. Due of the tragic nature of the situation, the South Korea stampede video is dominating online conversation.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of those people who’s been trying to find the South Korea stampede footage but can’t. We will present every detail and piece of information currently accessible regarding the South Korea stampede footage and tragedy.

What happened in the South Korean stampede video?

Following a covid for the first Halloween celebration, people go bonkers and assemble to rush. There were thousands of people there, but they were too many, crowded, and began suffering the negative effects of the enormous number.

SEOUL, Oct. 30 – Reuters At least 149 people, mostly teenagers and young adults in their 20s, lost their lives on Saturday night in Seoul, South Korea, when a large group of revellers for Halloween surged into an alley in a popular nightlife area.

South Korea’s Halloween Incident Stampede.

According to officials, 19 injured people are receiving emergency care and are in critical condition. They also mentioned that the death toll might increase.

After the COVID limitations and social segregation were relaxed, it was the city of Seoul’s first Halloween celebration in three years. Many of the guests at the party were dressed up for Halloween.

According to several, as the evening wore on, the throng became rowdier and more agitated. The incident occurred at about 10:20 p.m. (1320 GMT).

At a Halloween party, a lot of individuals collapsed, and there were a lot of casualties, according to Choi. Numerous fatalities occurred near a nightclub.

Many of the victims, according to Choi, were young women in late 20s.

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