@fegfights22 fegfights22, a video that was leaked on Twitter and Reddit

On Christmas Eve, another instance of intolerance is reported in Barranquilla. The incident took place aboard a city and metropolitan area public transportation bus.

Videos that have been making the rounds on social media purport to show a fight between a man and a woman that other passengers had to break up in the car. The first clip shows the time the passenger in issue argued with the driver of a Sobusa corporate vehicle over the route she would subsequently take.

The man informed him, “I’m not going there, I’ve told you, I’m not going there.” No, I’m not forcing her to leave, but she doesn’t have to tell me what, the woman retorted.

She was abruptly cut off by a rider in the bus’ back seat who said, “Driver, stop talking to him! Do not tell her anything else; she wants trouble.

“Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up!” the woman said in response. Don’t act like a toad. While other passengers were preparing to board a vehicle headed towards the La Playa urbanisation, the user in that video was documenting the route. The film was cut.

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