Dubahub Caritoalaparato video went viral on Twitter after it was leaked

The Dubahub Video Gained Notoriety on Twitter and Around the World “This is a typical video that gained notoriety after being posted. Stay tuned as we go into great detail on every part of this video. The city of Medellin, which is located in the Antioquia province, is where this video was shot and published. Many people found this video to be humorous after it was widely circulated, but many others who saw it also criticised it and took advantage of the chance to spread awareness by posting about it on their pages.

Twitter’s Dubahub viral video This guy is who? Dubahub is a person who can be seen in a video talking on the phone and riding a skateboard while the bus is in motion.

Although the Dubahub man in the video has not yet been recognised, authorities are actively looking for him. The city of Medelln, Antioquia, is looking for the guy who was captured on camera riding a skateboard and using a phone while a public transportation bus was in motion.

It took place on a road that appeared to be on a steep incline in the Santo Domingo area of Antioquia’s capital, which raised the hazards associated with this person’s deed.

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