Debbie Lechtanski passed away, and a vigil was organised in her honour

People also recall a South Bend couple who passed away in a murder-suicide a few weeks earlier. The neighbourhood prayer group conducted a vigil on Thursday night for Debbie Lechtanski, 60, and Bob Lechtanski, 62.

It’s not the only person I know who has a gun or who has been shot, either. When that occurs, it’s always more terrible and personal, according to Conra, a vigil attendee De Damian.

Police were summoned to the 2800 block of West Calvert Street just before one in the morning on November 26 due to allegations of a shooting. When they got there, they discovered that all three of them had been shot. Detectives eventually learned that before suffering the injury, Robert had shot and killed his wife, Debbie, and girlfriend, Gisele Montero.

Robert and Debbie were both declared deceased at the spot. Montero was brought to the hospital and is said to be doing well. Robert, according to Damian, was a member of a Broadway church.

“He maintains a really important place in our hearts, despite the fact that he hasn’t been here for a while. Because he was unable to handle his ideas in any other manner, he ended up on the murder-suicide road, and that is significant to all of us. People are scared and find everything very awful. Damian said, “We ought to all be praying and caring.

The neighbourhood prayer ministry holds a prayer vigil after every homicide or murder in St. Joseph County.

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