Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Today we’ll talk about Daylan
Heidel viral video. This video is trending and breaking the records. Get all
the updates regarding video from our website.

Daylan Heidel nude pics, explicit video with six
ex-girlfriends viral on social media:

Online, there are six ex-girlfriends’ graphic photos online. He has recently
been tried to sue by one person for the harm that revenge porn did to her life.

Following uploading nude photos and $ex videos of his ex-girlfriend to
net porn sites with the remark “karma is a bitch,” a guy was ordered
to reimburse $160,000 in penalties.

2015 saw the criminalization of the non-consensual dissemination of
nude images & films across Canada.

Daylan Heidel also disclosed the perpetrator’s phone number and personal information
along with the porn, according to the judge, which “set loose a flood of
demoralizing, insulting, and horrific visual content targeted at her.”

According to sources, one video was widely disseminated and eventually seen 1.5
million times.
The most significant amount ever offered in a revenge porn lawsuit in Canada is
the $160,000 make out.

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