Cincinnati Mayor backtracks after making a controversial video.

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A retracting remarks he made on Friday regarding the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. On Saturday, Pureval told reporters, “That swiftly escalated.” “That truly became popular.

On Friday, Pureval delivered a mocking, derogatory proclamation from the mayor’s desk that ignited the Kansas City social media scene.

Eric Stonestreet, a comedian and actor from Kansas City, added his thoughts. “You sir are a dork and you should fire the dork that informed you this was even close to a witty, humorous, factual, or nice idea,” he wrote in a tweet.

The thing I regret most is diverting focus from the teams, the coaches, and the players, Pureval remarked. “I’m just eager to be a judge tomorrow, not the mayor,”Thank you for your time! #trendingescapes #trendingescapes

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