British actress and singer Ruth Maddock has passed away, according to her obituary.

Over the weekend, Maddock’s representatives announced her demise (Image: Shutterstock)
With Ruth Maddock, Matt Lucas and Sir Tony Robinson pay tribute to Hyde Hay!

The actress gained notoriety in the wildly popular TV series on BBC One about a summer camp in the late 1950s as yellowjacket officer Gladys Pugh.

The Little Britain actor who played Maddock’s manager passed away on Saturday at the age of 79, according to a statement given to The Pennsylvania News Agency.

According to Phil Belfield of talent agency Belfield & Ward, the stage and movie actor passed away on Friday (Dec. 9).

“A true legend of British entertainment,” the statement read. [Maddock] had a special gift that many people admired.

She left us far too soon. Our hearts are shattered. presenter of the former GBBO

We were thrilled when she decided to join Little Britain as Dafydd’s mother because we grew up watching and listening to her classic performance as Gladys Pugh in Hi De Hi. Did. “ She was a delight to work with and did a terrific job on the programme. To her family, we send our sincere sympathy and love.

In the meantime, Robinson, 76, remembered his “beautiful companion” and expressed his sadness at her passing.

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